Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm an Ex-Pat

I live in Spain! That's all I keep thinking as I unpack and get things settled. I arrived on Sunday, and so did my luggage; we all made it through two connecting flights unscathed. I arrived in Barcelona on St. George's Day, the Spanish equivalent of Valentine's Day. For St. George's Day, men give women a rose with a shaft of wheat, and women give men a book. When Andrew and I went out for dinner last night, the streets were mobbed with flower and book stalls. Still, we got a table at a favorite tapas place; we watched the throngs through the window.

Today was my first real day as an ex-pat. Once Andrew left for school, I went to a nearby bakery for cafe con leche and a croissant, then stopped at the grocery store and another bakery to buy things for lunch. I worked on freelance stuff all afternoon, then read for a bit on the balcony, in the sun. It's been a lovely day. I live in Spain!

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