Friday, May 29, 2015

Magic Word

ME: Girls, would you like a snack?


ME: Greta, that's not a very polite way to ask. How should you ask?


ME: What's the magic word?


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Yard Sale Report

Had some decent luck with yard sales today. Not my best haul, but it was a rainy weekend and I got to only a couple. My bounty:

Lego mosaic set ($2)
feathered headress for dress-up bin (free!)
Lilly Pulitzer capri pants, like new ($1) (I actually find them quite hideous, but I couldn't pass them up)
two bracelets and a necklace ($1/each)
three kids' dresses ($1/each)--one's an adorable corduroy jumper in exactly the style I love for my girls

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a lot of fun this year. There was a lot of buildup and celebration at the girls' preschool, and I got to attend a Mother's Day party in each girl's class. On Greta's day, she served me strawberry shortcake and pink lemonade for a snack, then gave me my gifts--a marigold in a decorated cup, a card, and a hand-painted necklace made from a metal washer. Lucia's pre-K class went all out, preparing fruit-and-yogurt parfaits, a rendition of "You Are My Sunshine," a "Mom rocks" cheer, and a painted and bejeweled clay necklace, plus card. The kids were soooooo excited about their presentation. They also made little lists that answered questions about their moms--Lucia declared my favorite food to be "salad" and said I look pretty when I "go out to dinner with Daddy." Too cute.

On Sunday, I went to yoga, and Andrew took the girls out to buy my Mother's Day treats, which they excitedly presented to me when I returned: donuts, served to me in bed with coffee, and a bouquet of flowers from each of them. Andrew gave me two books and a necklace with the girls' initials on charms, and the girls each made me a card. Then I got some alone time while Andrew took Lucia and Greta to Lucia's ice-skating lesson, and then we reconvened for a relaxing afternoon and a delicious dinner of shrimp, with carrot cake cupcakes for dessert. A perfect meal, a lovely day.

And then--Happy Mother's Day!--Andrew promptly left for Mexico City for the entire week. I've been up since 3:00am today, after a cranky, inconsolable Greta woke screaming and continued to scream and cry for the rest of the night, claiming ear pain. Of course I took her to the doctor right away this morning....only to find out nothing is wrong. Sigh. Reminding myself how much I love, love mothering by writing this post belatedly, today.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Power Elsa

Bath- and bedtime continue to be times of high-energy, high-hilarity, and high-chaos around here. We're all so tired by 7pm that it kind of falls apart for all of us. Right around then, Power Elsa usually pays us a visit.

Power Elsa is Greta's alter ego. She created it herself, and when the mood strikes, it transforms her. The crucial prop is her hooded bath towel. As soon as her bath is over and her hooded towel goes on, Power Elsa appears with a grand announcement--"POWER ELSA!" Greta then sprints for the bathroom door, naked but for the towel hanging from the hood over her head, and then she stops--hand on the doorknob, one leg in running motion behind her, other arm raised high...and she looks back over her shoulder with her Power Elsa face, a mixture of a grimace and a cry of triumph, and she pauses there as though on a television show's opening credits when her character's name appears in text on the screen. Then she's off again--"POWER ELSA!"--dashing somewhere else in the bathroom or the hallway, always pausing in mid-action so we can fully take in her powerful poses and her action-packed expressions.

It's impossible to fully describe how funny this is, how completely overtaken she is by this persona. It usually has Andrew, me, and Lucia all laughing, which of course is Power Elsa's fuel. Greta never makes those faces or does those particular poses at any other time--they are specific to post-bathtime, and to Power Elsa. Like everything else, she'll stop doing it one of these days, and something else will take its place. We'll miss Power Elsa when she goes.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Rummage Sale Season

It begins! My favorite time of year: rummage sale season. There have been some here and there the past few weekends, with last weekend bringing a huge cache of Playmobil sets, a rare find (Sphinx, Egyptian temple, vet clinic, fairyland, some random figures and pieces). But this weekend the sales were going on in force. I came away from three days of sale-ing with these treasures:

--more Playmobil sets (seal feeding pool, underwater, and burning building--I need to cut myself off)
--big container of Lego-compatible building bricks (the hit of the weekend)
--6 pairs of princess dress-up shoes
--4 sparkly dress-up outfits
--2 plush panda hats for next winter
--6 Corningware mugs
--retro Corningware baking dish
--4 mini Corningware baking dishes
--10 cookie cutters, including a unicorn
--box of vintage yellow Fiestaware (Andrew found it shoved underneath a table!)
--a handful of wooden pegs for peg dolls/gnomes
--2 Zhu Zhu Pet strollers with a total of 2 pets and 4 baby pets
--1 Princess Luna pony, new in McDonald's packaging (will hoard until I score a second one)
--3 wooden chairs (for fixing up for the kitchen)
--2 snow-brick molds
--4 clear plastic shoe boxes
--2 umbrellas
--a bunch of small random toys purchased to keep the kids excited about yard-saling

So, so fun. I've built up a healthy hoard of diversions for long summer days, and it's only May. The best part of Saturday was that the girls were so excited--our neighboring street was having a street-wide yard sale, and Greta was sprinting ahead, yellling, "I see a yard sale!!" Lucia was in full treasure-hunting mode as well. How could Andrew do anything but succumb to our yard-saling ways?