Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Power Elsa

Bath- and bedtime continue to be times of high-energy, high-hilarity, and high-chaos around here. We're all so tired by 7pm that it kind of falls apart for all of us. Right around then, Power Elsa usually pays us a visit.

Power Elsa is Greta's alter ego. She created it herself, and when the mood strikes, it transforms her. The crucial prop is her hooded bath towel. As soon as her bath is over and her hooded towel goes on, Power Elsa appears with a grand announcement--"POWER ELSA!" Greta then sprints for the bathroom door, naked but for the towel hanging from the hood over her head, and then she stops--hand on the doorknob, one leg in running motion behind her, other arm raised high...and she looks back over her shoulder with her Power Elsa face, a mixture of a grimace and a cry of triumph, and she pauses there as though on a television show's opening credits when her character's name appears in text on the screen. Then she's off again--"POWER ELSA!"--dashing somewhere else in the bathroom or the hallway, always pausing in mid-action so we can fully take in her powerful poses and her action-packed expressions.

It's impossible to fully describe how funny this is, how completely overtaken she is by this persona. It usually has Andrew, me, and Lucia all laughing, which of course is Power Elsa's fuel. Greta never makes those faces or does those particular poses at any other time--they are specific to post-bathtime, and to Power Elsa. Like everything else, she'll stop doing it one of these days, and something else will take its place. We'll miss Power Elsa when she goes.

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