Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a lot of fun this year. There was a lot of buildup and celebration at the girls' preschool, and I got to attend a Mother's Day party in each girl's class. On Greta's day, she served me strawberry shortcake and pink lemonade for a snack, then gave me my gifts--a marigold in a decorated cup, a card, and a hand-painted necklace made from a metal washer. Lucia's pre-K class went all out, preparing fruit-and-yogurt parfaits, a rendition of "You Are My Sunshine," a "Mom rocks" cheer, and a painted and bejeweled clay necklace, plus card. The kids were soooooo excited about their presentation. They also made little lists that answered questions about their moms--Lucia declared my favorite food to be "salad" and said I look pretty when I "go out to dinner with Daddy." Too cute.

On Sunday, I went to yoga, and Andrew took the girls out to buy my Mother's Day treats, which they excitedly presented to me when I returned: donuts, served to me in bed with coffee, and a bouquet of flowers from each of them. Andrew gave me two books and a necklace with the girls' initials on charms, and the girls each made me a card. Then I got some alone time while Andrew took Lucia and Greta to Lucia's ice-skating lesson, and then we reconvened for a relaxing afternoon and a delicious dinner of shrimp, with carrot cake cupcakes for dessert. A perfect meal, a lovely day.

And then--Happy Mother's Day!--Andrew promptly left for Mexico City for the entire week. I've been up since 3:00am today, after a cranky, inconsolable Greta woke screaming and continued to scream and cry for the rest of the night, claiming ear pain. Of course I took her to the doctor right away this morning....only to find out nothing is wrong. Sigh. Reminding myself how much I love, love mothering by writing this post belatedly, today.

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