Monday, May 04, 2015

Rummage Sale Season

It begins! My favorite time of year: rummage sale season. There have been some here and there the past few weekends, with last weekend bringing a huge cache of Playmobil sets, a rare find (Sphinx, Egyptian temple, vet clinic, fairyland, some random figures and pieces). But this weekend the sales were going on in force. I came away from three days of sale-ing with these treasures:

--more Playmobil sets (seal feeding pool, underwater, and burning building--I need to cut myself off)
--big container of Lego-compatible building bricks (the hit of the weekend)
--6 pairs of princess dress-up shoes
--4 sparkly dress-up outfits
--2 plush panda hats for next winter
--6 Corningware mugs
--retro Corningware baking dish
--4 mini Corningware baking dishes
--10 cookie cutters, including a unicorn
--box of vintage yellow Fiestaware (Andrew found it shoved underneath a table!)
--a handful of wooden pegs for peg dolls/gnomes
--2 Zhu Zhu Pet strollers with a total of 2 pets and 4 baby pets
--1 Princess Luna pony, new in McDonald's packaging (will hoard until I score a second one)
--3 wooden chairs (for fixing up for the kitchen)
--2 snow-brick molds
--4 clear plastic shoe boxes
--2 umbrellas
--a bunch of small random toys purchased to keep the kids excited about yard-saling

So, so fun. I've built up a healthy hoard of diversions for long summer days, and it's only May. The best part of Saturday was that the girls were so excited--our neighboring street was having a street-wide yard sale, and Greta was sprinting ahead, yellling, "I see a yard sale!!" Lucia was in full treasure-hunting mode as well. How could Andrew do anything but succumb to our yard-saling ways?

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