Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wing Night

One of the best things about being back in the U.S. is that everything is so much cheaper. Barcelona isn't a particularly expensive city, but the euro/dollar discrepancy means prices are just a bit higher than they should be. Here, though, there's Target and Gabe's, which means I can pretty much shop whenever I want to and not feel too guilty. And I don't even have to do any mental conversions to figure out how much things cost in dollars. Everything's already in dollars.

Then there's Lynn's, a (very) local bar/restaurant where I had dinner last night. Unlike other local places, where heads turn whenever a non-local (or a non-regular) walks in, Lynn's was pleasingly dismissive of our small family group; everyone's eyes were on the baseball game, not us. It was 25-cent wing night, but even on a non-wing night, the prices are ridiculously low: the four of us each had a dozen wings; we ordered three pints of beer and one iced tea; and we shared a gigantic order of Lynn's homemade potato chips--and our bill was $21. That's just over $5/person. Amazing (and the food was good, too).

Funnily enough, Lynn's is about two minutes from our house here, and we never even knew it existed. It's tucked away on Wine Street, in the middle of a quiet residential street. You'd think we were living in our own twisty, medieval city, with unexpected finds around every corner.

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