Friday, January 19, 2007

An Unazukin Photo Shoot

Tonight, my Unazukin and I had a photo shoot in various places around the house. I'd wanted to have the shoot outside, in the snow, but Unazukin told me she didn't like the snow--though she admitted she didn't mind being cold. She agreed that it was illogical, but there we were. I'll try to stage an outdoor shoot another time.

We also had a frank discussion about our imminent return to Spain. Like yesterday, she said she was excited to go--but tonight she also admitted she was nervous. "Is it because you're scared of Andrew?" I asked gently. But she shook her head. "Is it because you don't speak Spanish?" She nodded--this was it. Little Unazukin is nervous about the language barrier. I assured her she would pick up Spanish in no time, and she agreed that, yes, she's gifted with languages. She then agreed that I should talk to her for my entire transatlantic journey and let her handle the questions at customs and passport control. As practice, I asked her if I was carrying more than $10,000 in foreign currency; she nodded. She's such a joker!


James said...

you have officially lost your mind

Gigi said...

love your blog...specially unasukin! im traveling to NYC next week, do you know where can i find it ? im dying to have one!!I will really appreciate that!, thanks