Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Siren Song of BINGO: Part I

For the past year, we’ve eyed them: the neon-lit BINGO emporiums that seem to be on every block in Barcelona, especially the one down the street from our apartment. BINGO. Everywhere. What’s so Spanish about BINGO? Do people really go to these places? And is it true that there’s cheap food and beer?

Tonight, Andrew and I will find out the answers to these questions. BINGO is on our list of “Things To Do Before Leaving Barcelona,” and we’ve made a plan to cross it off tonight. Andrew invited a group of friends, but, for some reason, the response has been lukewarm; two of his Catalan friends seem to have warily agreed to join us, but we may very well wind up playing BINGO ourselves. Let’s hope it’s in Spanish, not Catalan.

Tonight, I vow to pay off our wedding from BINGO. Victory is ours, I can feel it.

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