Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Home on P Street

We found a new home this week--in downtown ("downtown") Sacramento, on a lovely street in a popular neighborhood called Midtown. There are non-chain restaurants and shops nearby, an organic food co-op, and--best of all--lots of beautiful old Victorian homes, each one unique. Being in a city, even a small one, will be a relief after these months in bland, cookie-cutter suburbia. We love the apartment: huge, with wood floors throughout, lots of windows, and amazing leaded-glass cabinets along facing walls in the dining room. We have a private laundry room, a garage, and a little balcony/roof area. It has charm and character to spare--it will really be a home, especially when we have our things moved over!

The landlords, an older couple from Brooklyn did a sneaky thing: someone else had been scheduled to see the apartment a day ahead of us; but after talking to Andrew, the wife called back and asked if we could come a half hour BEFORE the other appointment. I think she wanted to be very fair about letting the first viewer have priority, yet Andrew had made a good impression on her (of course!) she slipped us in. They clearly had "ideal tenants" in mind: the husband told us we'll find it to be the only four-plex in Sacramento with 2 Ph.D.s as tenants.

We feel very lucky and can't wait to move in--which we'll do after the wedding and honeymoon. Only three weeks to go!!

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J Hounshell said...

When is your wedding?