Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wedding Weekend: Part I, The Rehearsal Dinner

After a manic gathering of boxes and bags and suitcases and cookie trays, we managed to get ourselves to The Summit on Friday afternoon. There was just enough time to unload everything into our rooms before we had to get dressed, speed through the rehearsal, and head to the rehearsal dinner. The dinner was held at Caileigh’s, a restaurant in Uniontown inside a beautiful historic home. The dinner was organized around a Spanish theme—tapas-style appetizers, Spanish wine, and a steak/shrimp dinner. The tables were named after Spanish cities.

The dinner was lovely, and the perfect kick-off to the weekend—I had the sense the whole time that we were embarking on a kind of wedding adventure, and that this was the first big piece of it. My acceptance into the Littell family was solidified during Andrew’s father’s toast, when he bestowed on me a beloved Red Sox baseball cap—how far Andrew and I have come since those very first Yankees games he took me to!

Gathering back at The Summit’s bar was the perfect end to the evening. There were more arrivals—some of Andrew’s IESE friends had gotten lost on their way from the airport; more of our family members had arrived as well—and everyone chatted in the bar and the Summit’s beautiful, fireplace-adorned lobby/lounge.

For the Bride, the evening ended rather early. There was sleep to be had (or at least a lot of tossing and turning) before the big day ahead.

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