Friday, May 16, 2008

A Word from the Heart of the Furnace

It's over a hundred degrees here....I'm melting....But I just wanted to pass along a piece of desperate, sweltering advice: If you envision making ice-cold fresh-fruit smoothies on a hot afternoon, and read that a frozen banana is the ideal smoothie inclusion, PEEL THE BANANAS before freezing them. Not that I'm speaking from anything that has recently happened to me, or anything, but freezing bananas with the peel on turns everything into scary brown mush.

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Michelle said...

Before Ben, I often had almost too old bananas that I would throw into the freezer, thinking I'd make banana bread or something later. Now bananas only last a few days around here. Anyway, I always just threw them in peel and all. And I never used them. Good to know I should peel (and slice?) them first.