Saturday, December 06, 2008

Day 15: Saturday, December 6 (The Day of Two Saturdays)

After a final-final-final trip to a 100-yen store this morning, Andrew and I sadly boarded a train for the airport, bags consolidated and in tow. We ate lunch once we checked our baggage; we found a food court where lots of Japanese and Korean airline staff were eating, and had small bowls of udon in broth and some tempura over rice. Our last meal in Japan.

The flight was uneventful--much shorter this time, at around eight and a half hours; it went fairly quickly thanks to the seat-back TVs. We watched Bottle Shock, which we expected would be interesting since it’s based on a true story about California wine-making, but which was terrible; Ghost Town, which was good; and The Rocker, which was silly. Soon we were landing groggily in Seattle, then, eventually, flying on to Sacramento, where it was just as foggy as the day we left.

We left Japan at 3pm; we arrived in Seattle at 6:30am. We were in Sacramento by noon. We had a 32-hour Saturday--we lived our whole morning and afternoon two times. Our first 9am found us walking through the streets of Ueno; our second found us eating Wendy's breakfast hash browns in the Seattle airport. We've come a long way in all respects.

We took a long nap this afternoon, which may have been either wise or unwise; we’re not sure. We both feel like zombies right now; we made a zombie trip to the grocery store, picked up our car from Andrew’s co-worker’s house, heated up some frozen pizza. It seems so quiet here compared to the insane neon frenzy of Tokyo.

We’re already filled with all the we-should-have’s that come after a long wonderful trip--we should have brought more things home, we should have bought more of this, we should have tried this. It all ended much too soon.

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