Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A New Year's Challenge

Over the holidays, on the occasion of perhaps the hundred and fiftieth time Andrew or I bemoaned our West Coast residence and expressed a longing to return East, we were told, numerous times, the following:

Stop complaining. You have nothing to complain about. –my mother

I can’t believe you actually live in California. Awful. –Molly, being helpful

Stop complaining. What’s one nice thing about California? Name one. Name one. You should name a different one every day. –Andrew’s sister

It’s an interesting challenge. And so let it begin today: each day I will attempt, along with my usual blog posts, to include a note on something I like about California. The series shall be called “I Can’t Complain About…” (ICCA), and while I won’t guarantee a daily entry, I will do my best.

Who knows? I might just talk myself into wanting to stay here forever. Let the un-complaining begin.

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