Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Normal Life

A more responsible blogger would have found something—anything—to blog about over the past week of so, but I’ve been lax. We’ve been shopping at Ikea, eating Mexican food, ordering Domino’s, paying taxes. We’ve been watching L’Auberge Espanol (and I now agree that it was wise for Andrew to forbid me from seeing this movie until our long-distance relationship was over—I still shot him death stares throughout). We’ve been playing Scrabble, and cooking baked ziti. We’ve been replanting a plant for Andrew’s office, adding to our wine collection, sweeping up dust bunnies. We’ve been buying ten-pound bags of oranges at the farmer’s market for $4. We’ve been grocery shopping and buying an emergency 9x13 pan at Target (how did we get through a shower and wedding with every size but the one we most needed?). We’ve been ordering books online and baking chocolate chip cookies (well, Andrew’s been baking).

Normal, busy life stuff. More interesting things to report soon, I hope.

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