Thursday, September 23, 2010

Music Together

Yesterday Lucia and I had our second Music Together class. It has been surprising to watch how much she’s changed over just two classes. Last week, though she sat raptly throughout the class, she stayed close to me—she scooted off my lap but stayed nestled right by me, letting the other kids swarm around the big drum at the beginning of class and excitedly approach Nicolai, our teacher. While the older kids (14-15 months) ran around during class, she sat still, dutifully holding onto her egg shakers or instruments when appropriate. At the end of class, when Nicolai invited the children to touch his guitar, I led Lucia’s long, thin fingers in a delicate strum—markedly different from the other kids’ banging and grabbing of strings. I returned home pleased that Lucia was so clearly a Good Student.

This week, however, after a brief initial period of getting the lay of the land before class started, she scooted off my lap and crawled right over to the big drum, beating it with her little palms a few times before we all had to say “Bye, bye, drum,” so class could begin. And once class began, she continued crawling around the circle of kids and nannies (and a few of us mamas), stopping now and then to stare at someone or to grab his or her instrument. She especially enjoyed staring at Nicolai. During a quiet song, she crawled over to him and began gently patting his knee. Instead of sitting raptly at attention, she at one point pulled herself up to a stand against the wall. And at the end of class she tried to grab the strings on Nicolai’s guitar. So, perhaps not a Good Student. But, surely, the cutest.

We’ve been listening to our Music Together CD at home, and I feel like I’ve entered another world of Kid-dom: the world of children’s music. As far as children’s music goes, this selection is pretty inoffensive, and Lucia clearly loves it; she shakes her rattling toys and claps and squeals when we dance. And tonight I got her to eat some of her dinner by making the food dance toward her mouth along with the music. Oh, babies.

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