Sunday, October 03, 2010

Weekend Bits

I was out until 10:30pm Friday night! Andrew got tickets from a co-worker to a great dance performance at BAM, so I ventured there while he stayed home with Lucia. It was a fantastic performance—Vollmond, by a German dance troupe, which involved copious amounts of water flung from buckets and pooled on the stage and falling as rain from the ceiling. Truly breathtaking; it left me with heart pounding. And I was so happy to be back at BAM. I feel hipper and more stylish just from being there. Until 10:30pm!!

Lucia is eating vast, vast quantities of food. We met friends for brunch at Flatbush Farm on Saturday, and more friends today at Sarabeth’s on the UES, and I packed a great amount of food both times just to be on the safe side—half an avocado, bananas, a pile of mango pieces, a healthy serving of broccoli with fiore pasta. She ate every bite, plus a handful of cheerios. She eats with gusto.

Saturday night, feeling on top of things and resourceful, I decided to whip together a homemade pizza. While Andrew fed Lucia her dinner, I put all the ingredients for pizza dough into the bread machine, timing it so that the dough would be done just after she was asleep and we could cook the pizza shortly thereafter. When the bread machine timer went off, I eagerly opened it and reached my hands in for the dough…only to be met with an unmixed, unrisen glob of the same ingredients that were there when I’d started. It turns out that though the loaf pan was in the machine, it wasn’t snapped into place. It just looked like it was. I was so frustrated and full of self-loathing that I could do nothing but sit on the couch with a glass of wine while Andrew cooked up some eggs and a stray bagel. I’m just wondering, really wondering, if there will ever come a time when I am fully on top of things once again. I did make pizza successfully tonight.

Andrew, Lucia, and I went to the Tot Lot Saturday afternoon. Lucia has no fear anymore and darts off immediately to play and accost other babies. This time she found a kindred spirit: a little boy who matched each of her shrieks with an identical shriek, each of her belly laughs with his own laugh. It was hilarious. Also, all Brooklyn babies, Lucia included, seem to be obsessed with these rubber balls with little spines all over them. Aunt Moils bought one for Lucia, but we hadn’t brought ours with us, and she spent the last few minutes of our Tot Lot time stealing the other babies’ spiny balls and chewing on them.

Lucia can go down steps now. She goes down head first, putting her hands down and then oozing over the step until she can put her knees down. She’s also “cruising” along the couch, and walking while holding our hands.

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