Monday, December 20, 2010

The Cuteness Report

Since Lucia seems, today, to be much like her usual self, with the exception of some screaming when dressed in her winter coat and some nap-refusing, and, of course, some morning crankiness and spitting out of nicely offered food at a play date—oh. Scratch that. Since we’re heading to Connellsville tonight and my exhausted, weary body and soul sees a glimmer of sleeping-in, baby-free-outings, grandparent-backup days in the very near future, I will interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of fatigued posts to provide a brief cuteness report.

A new favorite book is Duck & Goose: A Book of Opposites. One spread shows Duck being happy, while Goose is sad, with a tear on his cheek. Whenever we get to this page and I say in a mournful voice that Goose is sad, Lucia does her cuddle-cuddle-cuddle motion. I am very taken with this: not only does she understand what sad means, she also understands that cuddling Goose is what will make him feel better. I did not prompt her to do this. Genius, clearly.

Lucia is walking more and more and now often seeks out my hand to hold. Together, hand in hand, we walk around the apartment. She’s quite tall, so I don’t even have to stoop, and it really does feel like we’re just out for a stroll. Today she carried her electronic trumpet in one hand—when you press a red button, it plays a few bars of Beethoven’s Fifth. She’d press it, we’d walk. Whenever the song stopped, she’d stop walking, release my hand, press the button again, and then resume walking once the music started playing. Over. And Over. And Over.

Lucia’s animal-feeding is getting more elaborate. She will now take a piece of food and feed it to several stuffed animals at various spots around the room before eating the food herself.

Lucia now enjoys not just dropping but also throwing things out of her crib. Sometimes when I go in to try to settle her I find her pacifier and stuffed animals hurled the whole way across the room.

I am so tired I have actual bags under my lower eyelids, and my head hurts in that weird, exhausted, non-headachy way that just gets worse the more coffee I drink. Six hours thirty-nine minutes until we set out for PA.

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