Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Cuteness Report

Clearly, by not putting “blog regularly” on my list of new year’s resolutions, I’ve dropped the ball. Consider this humdrum entry added to the list.

There’s actually not much to say right now, other than that our weathering of the winter has begun. It’s tough to go outside when it’s this cold; even when Lucia is fully bundled, when the icy wind hits her face, she cries pitiably. When it’s not windy, she’s fine—that is, she’s fine once we’re on our walk. Getting her into her shoes, coat, and bunting is another story, eliciting a dependable tantrum. And I’ve made some rookie mistakes with the bunting thing. I was excited about finding a great JJ Cole Bundle Me at a local consignment store—only to realize, too late, that Lucia is much too tall for it. Sometimes I forget I no longer have an infant. A new toddler-sized bunting from LL Bean will be here by the end of the week, and the too-small bunting will be tucked away for an eventual next baby.

But on to a cuteness report.

We’re rearranged our living room to provide a large play area for Lucia. It looks fantastic, and it allows Lucia to look out the windows. By one of the windows is an ottoman she likes to climb on top of. She will sometimes bring a book with her and sit there by herself, reading by the window.

Today’s newest cute thing is Lucia making her stuffed animals dance. When I put some music on today, she sat on the floor with a small stuffed hippo and made it dance around on the ground. Very cute.

She gives us kisses on the cheek now, but she doesn’t exactly have the “mwah” sound of a kiss down. Instead, she does a kind of “mmmm” and presses her little face to my cheek.

Lucia has taken to standing next to her high chair and pointing up to her seat, saying “Ma MA, Ma MA,” when she’s hungry.

Her dancing has gotten a bit out of hand. She dances all the time, to any music. She even raises her arms and “snaps” her fingers when I’m trying to sing her to sleep.

A new game: I sit on the floor with my back to her and pretend not to pay her any attention, or even to know she’s there. Eventually, I hear small footsteps coming up behind me, and then a tap on my shoulder. I turn, in mock surprise, to find my grinning baby. Then I turn away and hum, looking up at the ceiling, again pretending to pay her no attention. I sense her moving her face closer, and closer, and closer to me, until I turn my head to her and surprise her, at which point she laughs and laughs. It is pretty cute.

Lucia takes her share of spills, and she tends to sometimes bump her head. Whenever she does, she looks at me and pats her head. “You hit your head, but you’re fine,” I always reassure her. In the past day or two she’s patted her head when she does something else potentially painful, like drop a book on her foot. It seems to be her way of saying she’s hurt herself. Pretty cute.

Two marketing postcards from Chick Fil A are among her favorite “toys” right now. She carries them around and presses them against the front window.

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