Sunday, May 01, 2011

Work Week

Lucia and I are in Connellsville this week; we all drove in Friday night, and Andrew went back to NYC today. This is a week of work for me. With a month to go before I need to have my novella transformed into a novel, I need to bear down and really focus for a few days—for more than the length of a nap. An hour and a half a day isn’t useful for the kind of work I need to do at this stage, so I came to the only place where I could have full-day, free childcare from caretakers Lucia knows and loves: Grandma and Papa’s house. I pretty much haven’t existed for Lucia since she woke up Saturday morning. Mama? What Mama?

Andrew and I did some Connellsville things this weekend—two Gabe’s trips, a feast of wings and other wonderful foods at Lynn’s—and now it is time to put all that aside and get to work. I will be at the library when it opens tomorrow morning, and I will be there until mid-afternoon. I will pack a lunch and turn off my phone. And I will write, and think, and cut-and-paste, and rethink, and probably tear my hair out and rend my garments for five days and become impossible to live with. (Good thing my spouse won’t be here!) But by the end of this week, I plan to have a full 200+ page draft, ready for close line-editing when I get back to New York. That is the goal.

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