Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Wednesday Bits

Today, a cranky Lucia began pushing Greta’s bassinet around our bedroom while I changed Greta’s diaper. When the pushing began getting out of hand, I told her to stop, and then I carried Greta out to the living room. From there I heard her yelling at me: “I moving the crib! I moving the criiiiiiiib!” When that didn’t get any response from me, she ran out to the living room and stood there screaming: “I moving the criiiiiiiiiib! Mama! I moving the criiiiiiiiiib!” It is so hard sometimes not to laugh at these ridiculous episodes. And it is also so incredible that such nonsense can be so infuriating.

Lucia is still very much into collecting things. This summer it was stones; now it’s seeds from trees around the neighborhood. The seeds are small, smooth, and brown—quite pretty—and gathering them is the focus of our walks and, sometimes, of our time at the playground. Today we walked to music class, and by the time she got there she had about twenty of them in her bucket, which she proudly showed the teacher.

Greta has discovered her reflection in the mirror. Super cute. Lucia likes to lie down with her, and together they look at themselves.

I’m not sure why I continue to be so astonished at Lucia’s language development. This is what two-year-olds do: they learn to talk in phrases and sentences. But it just seems so amazing to hear her say things like, “I go have bathtime with Dada” and “I put paw-paw beside Bibi” and “When Dada gets home I have a cookie” and “It’s getting dark outside.”

Yesterday while we were at the playground in the late afternoon, Lucia pointed to the moon and said, “The moon! I want it.” She reached and reached and seemed only partially accepting of the fact that it was too high for her to get. Today she saw an airplane and said, “Airplane! I want it!” Again I explained that it was too high, and she stared after it mournfully, saying, “I can’t reach it. I can’t reach it.”

Greta slept through the night two nights in a row, 7pm to 6am. Knock wood etc.

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