Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reasons: So Many Kids

One of the reasons I love Park Slope is that it’s full of families. You can’t walk two feet without kicking a (thousand-dollar) stroller. Kids and parents are everywhere, and I’m sure I’ll never find an equal to this baby-raising community. Friendly conversations, commiserating smiles—it’s all great. But along with this massive collection of families is chaos and overcrowding—and I’m not even talking about schools, which is too far off in our lives to be a Reason but is certainly among the most important things driving us away from New York. Anyway, again I’m talking about playgrounds. It’s just too much. There are just too many kids. It’s overwhelming for me, not to mention Lucia. A playground nearby, which was being renovated for the past few months, opened this weekend; we’ve braved it twice, but it is just insane. It looks like some sort of gigantic event is going on—a kiddie rock concert, or something—but it’s just a regular day.

I’ve gotten wimpy now that I have two kids; there are some things I just won’t do. For example, though I’m sure Lucia would love the library’s Toddler Time, I can’t bring myself to go early to get in line for a ticket—a ticket for story time! This is city life. And it is, sadly, a reason to go.

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