Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Greta is full-on crawling now. It started off slowly, just a few tentative paces, but now she’s off. Yesterday, for the first time, she crawled from the living room into the kitchen to find me. I could hear her coming; she is so excited by crawling that she squeals the entire time she’s moving, and soon her tiny head peeked around the doorway. She was smiling hugely and could not have been more pleased with herself. Then, in the space of about ten seconds, she got into the bag of recycling; ate the bottom of an empty paper bag; put a magnet in her mouth; and pulled two potatoes from a bag on the floor. She is absolutely into everything, and all she wants in life is whatever Lucia has, the smaller and more poisonous or hazardous the better. I never had to worry too much about baby-proofing with Lucia, but I see that my efforts with Greta are going to have to be a little more intense. Starting with the basics: no bags of recycling—no bags of anything—on the floor.

Greta’s number-one goal in life is to eat one of the leaves from the tree in our front yard. Somehow she found one in Lucia’s room tonight. It was well on its way to her mouth when I spotted her.

Also, we have a mouse. I found droppings this morning.

Leaves, mice, dirt, dust—and Greta’s fat little hands all over the floor. Ick. We got a recommendation for a housecleaner and are calling her ASAP.

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