Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Sharing has become an issue in our house. Lucia usually loves Greta, but that love has been challenged lately now that Greta is mobile and getting into all her stuff. Lucia has little to no patience for Greta playing with “her” things; this has become a regular source of struggle, with more or less constant reminders to share, or trade, or take turns, or bring Greta something else to play with if she can’t play with that.

But sometimes Lucia flamboyantly embraces the spirit of sharing. “Look. Mama, look,” I’ll hear her say if I’ve gone into another room for a moment. “Look, Mama. I’m SHARING.” I’ll return to find her and Greta sitting next to each other in the play area, Greta’s lap overflowing with toys, and Lucia pressing still more toys at her with an indulgent smile. “Look, Mama.” More toys. “I’m sharing!”

And of course what Greta wants most is whatever toy hasn’t been joyously bestowed on her. And so the day goes on.

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