Sunday, September 09, 2012


Funny stuff comes out of Lucia’s mouth these days. Here are a few favorites:

“Mama, are we stuck?”: She asks this nearly every time we’re in the car, and it means, “Are we lost?” Clearly she’s picked up on the pitfalls of driving around a new town with someone with no sense of direction. I am, obviously, often lost.

“Can I have some-a one-a your water?”: This means, “Can I have some of your water?” She hasn’t quite picked up on the differentiation between “some of” and “one of” (as in: one of your chips, one of your grapes, etc.). So she just says both.

“I want the poopie chocolate!”: This is a family favorite. In an effort to encourage Lucia to do #2 on the potty, I bought her some M&Ms—different from her standard chocolate-raisin reward. She gets M&Ms only for #2. She clearly understands the different types…just not quite the right way to ask for them.

“Mama, that’s not your seat!”: Again with the driving. We drive a lot these days—a not-unexpected thing now that we’re in the suburbs—but what’s new to Lucia is seeing me drive so much. Andrew is always the driver when we’re all together, so when Lucia sees me get into the driver’s seat, she makes sure to point out that something is amiss.

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