Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Birthdays, in a Nutshell

Lucia and Greta both had lovely birthdays this year. The biggest storm in all of recorded history is apparently hitting New Jersey sometime soon, so I thought I’d post a quick recap before we’re plunged into the Dark Ages and have to boil water on our grill and subsist on granola bars and bananas.

Andrew’s mom was here in the morning on Lucia’s birthday, so we did a little party at lunchtime. Lucia had requested a purple cake, which I made for her. Granted, it was a store-bought cake, with store-bought icing and a “flavor packet” of raspberry something or other (the only purple option), but Andrew had been in Germany up until late the night before—so I consider it an accomplishment that I managed even a boxed cake. Lucia, of course, did not care, as long as it was cake. She blew out her candles and opened her gifts. The helium balloons were her hands-down favorite part of her birthday. (When they lost helium the next day, she kept saying she wanted her balloons to be “up in the sky.”)

I also made cookies for Lucia’s preschool class. A veritable baker, I was.

My parents were here for Greta’s big day, and we had a post-nap celebration—lots of gifts, and a delicious carrot cake made by Andrew (and Lucia) that afternoon. Greta was very excited to get her very own chair, as well as her very own princess crown. And she had a little slice of cake, her very first taste of dessert. Of course she loved it.

Then the girls donned their princess crowns and went outside to play in our gigantic leaf pile.

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