Monday, January 28, 2013

Letter to Greta: 15 Months

Dear Littlest One,

You are funnier and cuter every single day. You have taken your place as an autonomous, opinionated member of the family, as likely to snuggle up with a bottle of milk as you are to hurl yourself from one end of the couch to the other, screaming and laughing. You've discovered that your cache of animals is there to be carried around and cuddled, and you've even started feeding your animals bites of play food and letting them drink from doll bottles. You have the things you like to do, and you know what books you'd like to hear, and when you want something, you go for it--you can't always tell us what you want yet in words, but you make your wants known by, say, banging on the refrigerator (milk).

You have the funniest, cutest smile, with a little row of teeth on top and bottom and a few shocking molars peeking out in back. You like to give kisses, coming at us suddenly with an open mouth; you like to hand Lucia her Bibi. You and your sister have found some new ways to interact and entertain each other. A favorite game is each of you holding one end of Lucia's Bibi and walking/running around the house, squealing. Or Lucia will give you one end of a Bibi and pull you, screech-laughing. You like rolling around on the floor, screech-laughing. We are a loud household these days.

You are still the best eater in the house, easily eating as much as Daddy or me and usually eating about double Lucia's serving. Your favorite meals are macaroni and cheese, and baked ziti. You adore bananas and ask for a "na na." You're growing fast: you're swiftly leaving 18-month clothes behind and have started wearing a few 2T pieces. For once, the seasons match--but only because Lucia didn't wear 2T until she  turned two, in the fall. You're almost an entire year ahead, size-wise.

Cuteness aside--you can be a handful. You don't much like getting into your winter coat, or the cold weather, or getting into the car. You've become difficult to shop with--you can be plied with a snack for only so long before you just start fussing and squirming in the cart. When you have a bottle of milk you're not that interested in drinking, you turn it upside down and spill the milk everywhere then smear it around with your hands--and, of course, scream in protest if we then take the bottle away.

You're getting up reasonably these days, around 6:30 on good days. When I get up with you, I immediately get you a bottle of milk and we sit together on the couch in the still-dark house, you peaceful in my lap, resting your head on my shoulder. Even though it's so hard to get out of my warm bed and go downstairs to start the day, this is always quite lovely.

You're learning new words all the time; today you waved goodbye to Daddy while saying "Ba, ba, ba!" You also say pa-pa (pacifier), Bibi, mama, na-na, no, up, and others. You use a fork deftly. You like to help pick up toys and put them where they go. You love to draw with markers.

Favorite toys/activities: play food, Mardi Gras beads, Sit N Spin (you can do it yourself now!), shopping cart, toy stroller

Favorite books: Beautiful Babies, Karen Katz flap books, 10 Trick or Treaters, Noisy Farm, Ten Little Ladybugs, 123 Ducks

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