Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Post 1,000

This is post number 1,000 of Skipping Town. That seems momentous, and I wish I had something momentous to write about to mark the milestone, but I do not. In lieu of extraordinariness, I’ll give you this conversation I had with Lucia yesterday, which is pretty representative of how things are right now in the Littell Land of a Four-Year-Old, minus a ridiculous amount of independence-seeking and power-struggling:

[Dinner time for the girls.]

Lucia: “Mommy, what are you having for dinner?”

Me: “Daddy and I will eat later tonight. We’re having shrimp bisque.”

“Shrimp BISQUE?”

“It’s soup. Would you like to try some?”

“NO. I don’t like shrimp. What IS shrimp?”

“It’s a kind of fish. It’s pink.”

“But where does it come from?” [accusing, suspicious tone]

“The ocean.”

“But it’s all SALTY.”

“Well, when the shrimp come out of the water, they’re not salty anymore.”

“But it’s all WET. The shrimp is all wet. We can’t eat it like THAT!”

“When the shrimp go to the store, they get dried off.”

“But how do they dry it off?”

“Towels. Big towels.”

Perhaps this is true. It probably isn’t. I really don’t know. What I do know is that most days I feel very clearly that I know far, far less about anything at all than I did when I started out with post number 1 of Skipping Town.

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