Saturday, November 16, 2013

Letter to Lucia: 49 Months

Dear Rapunzel,

You are deep into Disney Princess World these days. You've loved the princesses for a long time now, but ever since your birthday, your love has grown--thanks, of course, to the deluge of princesses you received as gifts. Your very favorite princess right now is Rapunzel, and your Barbie-like Rapunzel doll is your constant companion. You sometimes refer to yourself as Rapunzel as well. Ariel, your prior favorite, has been supplanted for now. You love the Disney Princess books Daddy purchased for the iPad--the books are read to you, with accompanying music, and you turn to these immediately when you get to use the iPad after Quiet Time.

You are pretty delightful these days, with funny dances and observations, and you chatter nonstop. Just nonstop. You talk to me, to Greta, to Daddy, to your toys, to yourself. You are incredibly bossy; nothing frustrates you more than when Greta refuses to do what you want her to. You are generally tolerant of Greta's ever-intensifying terrible two-ness, even when she grabs your things and sprints away, shrieking and scream-laughing. You also find Greta hilarious--no one makes you laugh harder, particularly when she does one of her insane dances to the Fridge Farm music.

You love preschool. You have little friends now whom you like to see and play with. You like hanging out with the neighbor kids when we're outside--glamorous and fascinating since they're a few years older. You love picking out your clothes and "looking pretty."

You do not really like to eat. At all. Although you're still on the chart, growing consistently, you are a tiny little peanut, down to the 10th percentile for weight and a mere 25th percentile for height. You reluctantly eat most of your food at mealtimes, but every bite is a struggle, and you rarely finish your meal completely or ask for more. You usually eat just enough so that you can have your dessert--these days, a piece of Halloween candy.

You like going to Target and riding in the "fun cart"--a super-sized suburban shopping cart with a two-seater carriage thing attached to the back so you and Greta can sit side by side. You love looking at the seasonal decorations--Halloween decorations were thrilling, and the glitz and tinsel of the Christmas aisles is almost too much to handle. You are four: anything shiny and sparkly thrills you.

Four seems to suit you, little one.

Favorite toys/activities: Magiclip princesses, Barbie-like Rapunzel, plush jack-o-lantern, coloring, Sophia the First, Sesame Street, riding your scooter in the basement rec room, wearing dress-up dresses, dancing, singing

Favorite books: My First Little House books, The Witches' Supermarket, Elmo's Big Book of Firsts, Thanksgiving Treat, The Golden Egg

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