Sunday, June 15, 2014

Letter to Lucia: 56 Months

Dear Little One,

You're closer to five now than four, and every day it shows. You've been interested in games off and on for the past couple of months, but suddenly you're more excited about them. Since Greta's nowhere near ready to follow rules--even simple ones--this is something you and I do together (with Daddy on weekends) after Quiet Time, when Greta is still napping. We currently play Orchard and Sneaky Snacky Squirrell. I have another couple stashed away for a rainy day.

It is, sadly, the end of the preschool year, but you have two weeks of "camp" coming up--sort of an extension of the school year, with the same teachers and kids--which is great. You had such an amazing year. Wonderful teacher, and a new openness and excitement about making friends. I know you're only four, but you really did make friends this year, specific children you enjoyed playing with and really loved. It is such a relief to me that you're so well-adjusted and happy; other kids really do gravitate to you, and you're friendly to them all. (Of course, a big preschool transition is coming up, the subject of another blog post.)

You continue to love the Rainbow Fairies chapter books. We've read all the ones we have (probably about fifteen or so, gifted from a neighbor) and now continue to reread them. You now love to color the illustrations, and you're getting very meticulous about coloring in the lines and making each scene detailed. You also decided we should make clothespin fairies that look like the fairies on the book covers, which you get extremely excited about every afternoon, nagging me to get the glue gun plugged in instead of begging to use the iPad like I imagine other children do. We've made six fairies so far.

You still love Frozen, and your renditions of the songs have gotten more dramatic, and much louder. Not a day goes by that you don't play with your Frozen Magiclips.

Greta is going through a lot of learning right now--her speech therapy, potty-training--and you are an eager helper. You sound out words for her ("Greta--t [wait for Greta to repeat] ree! Tree!") and you're right there with us in the bathroom, clapping and cheering when Greta goes pee-pee. You're much more excited about her sticker chart than she is. Of course you both get surprises when she reaches the end of a row.

Favorite toys/activities: games, clothespin fairies, Magiclips, playing outside, bubbles, singing made-up songs and Frozen songs, Hello Kitties

Favorite books: Rainbow Fairies

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