Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The Church Sale

Oh bliss! It's church sale time. Today was the opening night, and I felt positively giddy as I lined up early, waiting to enter with my two gigantic Ikea bags and a walletful of cash. It did not disappoint. I came home with both bags full, plus a trunk full of larger items. My haul:

a Plasma car (and I got another at a yard sale last weekend, so now I have 2)
2 sawhorses for Andrew
5 large trucks and fire engines for Luca
a handful of Matchbox cars for Luca
6 dinosaur figurines
2 shark figurines
a handful of Littlest Pet Shop animals
a handful of small animal-squirters for the pool/water table/tub
a bag of Little People-type animals
a bulk bag of adjustable metal kids' rings to which you can hot glue any number of items (perfect winter-day activity, making a hundred rings from coins, buttons, stones, etc etc)
a dinosaur puzzle
a poker chip spinner full of poker chips (another winter-day keeper)
a pile of fabric remnants and samples to make pillows (to put on the beautiful leather bench I got at a yard sale two weeks ago)
a scarf out of which I'll make sarongs for the girls
5 kids' books
a world atlas, from which I'll tear the pages to decoupage-wallpaper part of my office

We're heading to NH tomorrow, so I'll miss the next few days of the sale; but we'll be back in time for me to go twice more. I'm already excited.

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