Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer in PA

We started the summer with a week in PA, and we ended it that way, too. We drove in last weekend and packed the next nine days with lots of local fun. Molly and Luca were there, and the kids all played in the garage (their favorite 'indoor' play area) with Mom and Dad, and even watched My Little Pony and Equestria Girls together. We took all the kids to the Youngwood Pool--a new thing for us--and had a great time there. We all enjoyed hanging out at a friend's lovely yard, with a magical playhouse and a 35-foot wooden swing that really makes you feel like you're flying. Andrew, Molly, and I went to Lynn's for some late-night fried food. And Andrew and I even had a double-date night in Pittsburgh with friends.

We also went to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum; shopped for cement yard statues at Marcel's; had nice meals at Randall's and Eat N' Park; and went to a Finley's Fighters fun walk, where the girls got their faces painted and had pink feathers woven into their hair while Andrew and I walked on the Yough River Trail. I did a lot of school shopping, bringing home piles of clothes for the girls to try on since their sizes are all over the map these days. And we capped off the week with a wedding in Pittsburgh, with a reception at Phipps.

It was a full, busy week, and now that we're back in NJ, the end of summer is really upon us. In a little less than two weeks, Lucia will start school. In the meantime: there is more summer fun to squeeze in. Of course, a highlight of our PA trip were the Equestria Girls dolls we found at Gabe's and gave to the girls to ease the insult of being left with a sitter all day on Saturday while we were at the wedding--and now we've kind of lost them to the pony/girl insanity. All they want to do is sing odd songs about a battle of the bands, and they're calling each other Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze consistently. It may take some doing to drag them away from those toys.

Mt. Washington, after our cousin's wedding

Sisters at Phipps

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