Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Letter to Lucia: 6 Years Old

Dear Lucia,

This is a two-weeks-late letter, better than no letter at all. The start of school made September a blur; I'd counted on getting my footing in October, but the insanity of your birthday and Greta's birthday back to back makes October pretty crazy too.

But: you're six! Five was a watershed birthday, but six is showing even more transformations, coupled as it is with the start of kindergarten. You've become such a kid these past two months, and you were beyond excited about your birthday. Daddy was in Germany on the big day, and he hated not being home to celebrate with you. But Gra and Pop-Pop came to NJ for a few days, and I can safely say you had a wonderful birthday.

In the morning, I gave you one present before you left for school--a large Princess Celestia plush you'd discovered when we were in Ocean City, MD, and which we secretly bought for you (and Greta). I was a lunch helper at school, so I got to see you during the day--you were wearing a paper birthday crown and sat surrounded by your new friends, giggly and happy and instructing me to do my job and help kids around the cafeteria whenever I hovered behind you too long. I brought cupcakes to your teacher to give to your class, which you were very excited about. You were very excited about a birthday pencil your teachers gave you.

You bounded off the bus that afternoon, and we rushed home for the long-awaited present opening. You tore through everything in five minutes flat, barely registering what was beneath the wrappings. Among your gifts: a Rainbow Dash Equestria Girl, some blind bag ponies, an Applejack barn, Fashion Plates, Uno. (When Daddy came back from Germany, he gave you and Greta a rainbow set of crystal glitter blind bag ponies. Thrilling.)

You requested pancakes for dinner, and then we had cake and sang happy birthday. It was a fun, simple birthday and you loved it. And now you're six! With a jack-o-lantern smile, one tooth gone.

Favorite books: it's funny--with you gone most of the day now our long reading spells have fallen off. You recently liked George's Marvelous Medicine.

Favorite toys/activities: ponies all the time. Blind bag ponies and plush ponies. Crystal glitter ponies. Equestria Girls. Halloween decorations.

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