Tuesday, November 01, 2016


Halloween 2016 was a great success. The chosen costume for both girls this year: spies. They wore black pants, black shirts, black vests, black boots, and black hats, and each had a black bag full of "spy tools": flashlight, red-dot laser, rope, calculator, old cell phone, notebook, pen. (Neither girl would wear the hat for her school Halloween parade, which made them look more like New Yorkers than spies.) For trick-or-treating, they added night-vision spy goggles I'd gotten them--blue-lens glasses with little lights at either side.

The day was packed very very full. First, Greta's parade at preschool. Next, Lucia's parade at school. Then trick-or-treating at the shops in the village. A quick dinner at home, then trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. The girls had so much fun. What a change from two years ago, when we barely managed to do all the houses on our street--this year, they would have gone on and on. (Last year, of course, we didn't trick-or-treat because we were at Trina's wedding--which L&G still talk about.)

All in all, a great great day. I have to say, though, that I breathed a huge sigh of relief when it was over. This has been a CRAZY month, with both girls' birthdays, Greta's birthday party, a trip to NH for my birthday, a trip to PA for my library event, and then Halloween. Whew. November is scheduled to the hilt as well, but it's not nearly as stressful for me as planning birthdays and Halloween. I feel so much pressure to make those things magical. There are so few of them in their little childhoods, and I want every part of them to be perfect. Another year of happy events all around--done and done.

And yes, that's me in a purple wig and witch's hat in the picture below, getting into the Halloween spirit. L&G were thrilled that I put on a costume, and Greta referred to me only as "witch" the entire evening.

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