Monday, May 08, 2006

The Conejo

A very large conejo (rabbit) lives in the courtyard below our apartment, and during the day I sometimes see it peeking around the corner of its little basement area. It is a timid, slow-moving conejo, and I've seen it move from its corner spot only a couple of times. I took this picture from our balcony last August, zooming in on the conejo.

When Andrew first moved into this apartment, he swore the conejo was actually a cat, not a conejo. It's really difficult to tell the difference, since the conejo has a sleek, long body and sits very still, with its paws in front of it, much like a cat. However, during the contract-signing with the landlord, Jordi, before Andrew moved in, Jordi informed us that we couldn't use the apartment for any commercial activity--"Like raising rabbits," he said. I am the only one who heard Jordi say this. However, it makes sense, since there is indeed a rabbit in the apartment below.

Eventually, Andrew saw the conejo hop, so he conceded that it's a conejo. During the fall, long stretches would go by when Andrew would not see the conejo, and I feared he'd been eaten. Every time I see the little conejo I'm relieved that, for now, he is still just a pet.

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