Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Easy Spending of Time

Among the many (minor) concerns I had about moving to Spain, how I'd manage to spend my days while Andrew is in class was not one of them. However, this is the first question people ask Andrew when they ask how I'm doing. Sometimes they gasp when they find out I don't have a job. "She's home alone all day?" they ask, amazed and concerned. "What does she do?" They think I'm bored and lonely.

They're wrong, of course. Days are never long enough for all the things I'd like to do. How do I spend my days? I get up early, shower, have coffee. I work on freelance stuff, do my own writing, read. I walk in the city and stop for a cafe con leche at a sidewalk cafe. I email and write my blog postings. Once I have less freelance work to do, I'll go to the beach and to museums, linger longer in the cafes, write more. I want to get yarn to do more crocheting. One of these days I'll be taking Spanish classes, and my learning of Spanish will involve studying, watching Spanish TV, reading Spanish newspapers. If I were alone all day I might get lonely, but I have email and the phone, and Andrew comes home by six. But spending my time is simply not an issue.

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