Saturday, September 29, 2007

We're In

We’re in. We’re staying. A week of talks and lists and pros and cons—and it added up to a decision we know is the right one. It’s a good job, and we’ll move to a nicer apartment, buy furniture, and move our stuff—all of it, every last book—at last. I’ll set up a real work space rather than a haphazard takeover of our dining room table. It will feel more like home. If we had tried to write a job description for the ideal job for Andrew post-MBA, the perfect job to demonstrate clearly his move from editing to business, it would have been this job. It supports what his MBA and his summer internship suggested—that he’s serious about changing paths. This makes it more than just a good faith effort—someone has given him an amazing chance to actually do it. We couldn’t pass it up.

We celebrated over a big sushi dinner at a restaurant in Roseville—actual good sushi right in our little suburbia. A bright spot, certainly.

We’re in L.A. this weekend—Andrew had a business trip and I joined him—and I like it here a lot. It’s a big, crazy city, with lots of things I can’t afford, more cultural activities than we could possibly do in a year, things to see around every corner, tempting restaurants and cafes on every block. I don’t hate California—our weekend trips have made that clear (even though we have no doubt that this is a 1-2 year move, no more). Our decision to stay here means that we just have to work a little harder—a lot harder—to give Sacramento a chance.

We’re Californians. Who would have thought?...

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