Monday, November 08, 2010

California Social

Lucia was a little social butterfly last week. Thursday, our friends Julie and baby Allison drove down from Auburn (near Roseville) to spend the afternoon with us. Allison is just five weeks older than Lucia, and Lucia had such a good time playing with her—they actually seemed to play together, rather than just side by side. We spent time at the playground and here at the apartment, and there was lots of giggling and passing toys back and forth and standing at the window, playing with toys on the windowsill. I met Julie in prenatal yoga—and it’s always been fun to see how the girls have grown over this past year-plus. Maybe someday they’ll be transcontinental pen pals.

Saturday we spent the day with the Clarks in Napa, happily revisiting wine-country territory we thought we’d left behind. The grapevines are all gold and red right now, and the scenery in wine country is gorgeous—since we missed the inferno of the summer, we can look at the landscape, including the fully brown hills and dry grasses, with nothing but admiration. It was wonderful to see all the kids again. Henry and Elena took me on an excited tour of the house, pointing out such wonders as the bathtub and the glider. The last time we saw Rowan, he was just a tiny infant—now he’s a smiling, crawling little baby. Lucia giggled and grinned as H. and E. hugged her, tickled her, and handed her toys to play with. At one point they were by themselves playing in another room, completely happy. And I had the experience of having two little babies in my lap at once. Perhaps this is a sign that Andrew and I need to catch up with the Clarks and get some more children in this house...

It was definitely strange to be driving home from Napa again, especially since we passed the entrance to the road we usually took home and continued on toward San Jose. Old haunts, but new, too.

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