Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Cuteness Report

Despite the fact that her nap schedule has gotten completely erratic and out of control, and despite the fact that I still spend much of my day chasing her around the house with forkfuls of food, Lucia has been doing some extremely cute things lately. I thought I’d share some of them here. This is a post that's probably interesting only to grandparents and aunts, but let's indulge them, shall we?

She’s gotten incredibly attached to her blankie. Sometimes she puts it over her shoulders like a cape, or around her neck like a stole. Sometimes, when she crawls, she carries it in her mouth.

She’s also very attached to her duck and cat stuffed animals. They sleep with her in her crib, and in the morning or after nap, when I lift her and blankie out of the crib, she points insistently at each one until I pick it up and put it into her waiting arms. When we leave her bedroom now I’m always carrying a Lucia who’s hugging her blankie, duck, and cat. We can’t leave the room without all three.

She’s also taken to feeding her animals—not only her duck and cat but also her bear and monkey. We always eat at the coffee table now, and if one of the animals is sitting beside her plate, she’ll give it a bite of her food before putting it into her own mouth. She does this without our prompting. Very, very cute.

For the past couple of days, Andrew and I have attempted to take Lucia’s lion push-toy outside so she can walk without running into a wall after ten steps. This has backfired. There are simply too many leaves on the ground. She takes a step or two but then spots a leaf, plops down, crawls over to it, and then begins the process of putting that leaf and whatever others are within reach into the undercarriage of the lion. We can’t take the lion back to NYC with us, and I think I’m going to substitute a wagon when we go to replace it. (Then we’ll never get anywhere. But she’ll have fun.)

She’s gotten very finicky about having anything on her hands. For example, if she swipes at a yogurt-filled spoon and gets some yogurt on her fingertips, she looks at her fingers with alarm and then holds her hand straight out until I bring over a cloth and wipe it clean.

Somehow, Lucia has learned about housekeeping. Lord knows it wasn’t from me. If she sees a crumb on the floor, she immediately crawls over to it, picks it up between her thumb and pointer no matter how miniscule it is, and holds it out to me, even if I’m on the other side of the room. She won’t move until I come over and take the crumb away, thanking her for finding it.

I keep her in bare feet as much as possible when we’re home to encourage walking and balance, and when she wants to look out the window, she gets up on her little tippy toes—it’s so cute to see these tiny toes working so hard.

When she wants to read a particular book, she pulls it out of the book stack and holds it out. Once I take the book from her, she reaches her arms up for me to pick her up and put her in my lap to read. Too, too cute.

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