Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Busy Few Days

Last Friday, Lucia and I went to the Prospect Park Zoo with a friend and her son. Lucia was thrilled to visit the “barnyard” area, where fifty cents bought us a handful of food for feeding to goats and sheep. Lucia fearlessly poked her fingers through the fence, not flinching even when the animals put her whole tiny hand in their mouths. For days afterward, when I asked her what the sheep did when she fed them, she said “Num num num” while nibbling on her fingers.

Saturday, Andrew, Lucia, and I drove through some towns in Westchester, doing some very, very preliminary reconnaissance for our house search next year. We believe it will be easier to do such trips before we have a newborn. However, this trip—though only an hour’s drive—proved far from easy, as Lucia got carsick on the way home and threw up all over herself and her carseat. We were on the highway with nowhere to pull over; eventually Andrew found and exit, and we parked illegally while we stripped Lucia in the trunk and cleaned her and the seat off as best we could. Horrible, horrible.

Sunday, Father’s Day, we took a ferry to Governor’s Island with Barbra, Chris, and Baby Alex. Lucia loves anything having to do with water, and when some waves from passing boats caused water to lap onto the sidewalk where we were standing, she announced “Sit!” and promptly sat down in the puddles.

Yesterday, Lucia and I went to Coney Island with a friend and her little girl. Lucia ran into the water over and over again and also enjoyed filling her bucket with sand. She sure is a beachy little one.

And today we went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, where Lucia found the only source of available water—a small stream—and promptly hopped into it. The stream is meant to provide water for kids to fill buckets with, which they can then pour into a series of troughs. Lucia had a bucket for a while. She filled it with water and poured it all over herself. We cannot leave the house these days without somehow becoming soaked.

My back is killing me today, and now, reviewing the busyness of the past few days, I sort of understand why.


Sarah said...

Hi Margo, We've gone through a lot of carsickness issues with Robyn. I understand! I remember stripping her down in a sketchy KMart parking lot and trying to clean her off near Boston after she threw up in traffic. For a while we thought we'd never go more than 30 minutes away ever. Ask your pediatrician about Benedryl. We were able to give Robyn a very very small dose of Benedryl starting very early to help with carsickness. It helped a lot. She still gets sick if we hit traffic. It's good we live in Maine!

Margo said...

Thanks Sarah--I will definitely ask about this!

Michelle said...

sea bands worked great for Ben for carsickness- they are little bracelets that put pressure on an acupuncture point. he calls them his magic bands:)