Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Lucia has begun a love affair with peas. It began last week, when Barbra and Baby Alex came over for lunch. We had Chinese food, and Lucia wanted a taste of my fried rice—and became giddy when she spotted a pea. Barbra and I subsequently picked all the peas out of our rice, and Lucia devoured them. Each time she picked up a pea was a triumphant celebration: “PEA!” she’d announce before eating it.

The next day for dinner, I cooked up some frozen peas, which she ate as a side dish with her scrambled egg. She was simply thrilled. “PEA!” she cried before each bite. “PEA!” As you can imagine, dinner went on for quite a while.

This weekend, I made some shell macaroni with butter, cheese, and, of course, peas. This was mind-blowing. Peas were inside the shells! She ate the entire bowl I’d cooked, though I’d intended it for two meals. Of course I made another batch the next day. Today she had it for lunch, a vast quantity, and when she woke up from her nap, she wanted more for a snack. Peas and steamed baby carrots were the food-stars of the day.

Too bad her new favorite foods have, oh, zero calories. Somehow, though, she does seem to be rounding out a bit.

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