Sunday, September 18, 2011


Lucia is wielding two-word sentences right and left these days, and she’s come up with a few shortcuts for things she says frequently. “Homama” is her version of “home to mama,” which is what I say when an animal at the park scurries away, or when a child in a book goes off somewhere. “She’s going home to her mama,” I say. Lucia nods and agrees, “Homama.” Even at the end of our Five Little Pumpkins book, when “the five little pumpkins roll out of sight,” she announces that they’re going “homama.”

There are some things, like bathtime or going grocery shopping, for which Lucia wants to be accompanied by both Andrew and me. At these times, she makes her request known by saying “Daddymama.” It’s two words blended into one, with the emphasis on the first “ma”: “DaddyMAma.”

This morning, for the second time since moving here, I went to church, trying to shore up our status as bona fide parishioners so we can have our new baby baptized without having to get married for the fourth time. The idea of going to church has for some reason stuck with Lucia, who handily learned the word “church” the last time I went. This time, Andrew got her dressed and so forth while I was out, and they planned to meet me outside so we could then go visit Barbra and Chris. “Soon we’ll go see Mama,” he said a few times, and Lucia took up the chant: “Gomama. Gomama.”

Also, on an unrelated note, when (on the rare occasion) I am not at home with Andrew and Lucia, Lucia will make her toy phone ring and then say, “Hello? Mama! Hi!” with an excited squeal. That’s both adorable and kind of heartbreaking, and when Andrew told me that the first time I wanted to run into her room and wake her up for a snuggle. (I resisted.)

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