Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Bits

Just as I am unable to stand or walk for long (or short) periods without being seized up with contractions, so too am I unable to formulate enough coherent thoughts for a long blog post. And so I will recount some random recent bits.

We went to Ikea on Saturday to get Lucia her birthday present (adorable table and chairs). She was fairly docile for most of the shopping, which we tried to do quickly; but she eventually began writhing in her stroller constraints and making one loud, persistent demand: “BUNNIES. BUNNIES.” Annie’s-brand bunnies, both cheddar and honey graham, are her current favorite snack. At home, when I suggest alternate snacks, she says “Bunnies” with a decisive nod, as though there were clearly no question about what snack should be served. At Ikea, “BUNNIES. BUNNIES” became more and more wildly proclaimed. Instead of giving her more bunnies, like I should have done, we decided to go eat lunch at the cafĂ©. Of course Lucia did not eat even one bite of her mac and cheese, spitting it out with a hideous grimace as though it were lighter fluid.

One morning last week, Andrew sat down on the couch with his computer and Lucia piped up from across the room, “Check email.”

One of Lucia’s favorite things to do right now is to go “Fast! Fast!” When we go for a walk, she takes off at a run, yelling over her shoulder, “Fast! Fast!” She is surprisingly fast. The running-while-looking-over-her-shoulder thing is becoming a problem at home, however. Twice last week she took nasty spills after 1) running full-force into an (open) door, so hard she was thrown backwards; and 2) hitting the side of her head on the corner of the kitchen table. The hazards of her need for speed.

Lucia has discovered the art of direct address. Instead of just saying “Hi” or “Bye bye,” she now adds in the target of her greeting: “Hi, Mama!” “Hi, Dada!” “Bye bye, birds!” “Bye bye, doggies!” It’s pretty cute. She also does this for inanimate objects: “Bye bye, glass!” (a pile of broken glass by a tree she points out each time we walk past); “Bye bye, stick!” “Bye bye, flowers!”

Lucia’s reunions with Bibi, her blankie, have gotten extremely joyous. Our family rule is that Bibi doesn’t leave the house unless we’re going away overnight, and Lucia accepts this with no fuss approximately 99% of the time. When we approach our apartment building after being at the playground or wherever, she begins excitedly chanting “Bibi! Bibi! HoBibi [home to Bibi]!” And when we unlock the apartment door, she races inside, finds Bibi, and squeals “BIBI!” while holding him aloft, victorious. It is hilarious.

And now it’s time to wind up these bits and go to bed.

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