Sunday, June 09, 2013

Have a Relax

We finally got something accomplished with the house: the curtains in all the bedrooms are hemmed, the broken curtain rods are replaced, and we now have a bona fide outdoor living space on our front porch. Progress!

Of course, the only reason we made such progress is that my parents were here all week while Andrew was on a business trip. Dad undertook the curtain project, cutting and pinning and ironing and hemming and running to Target for curtain rods. Mom worked hard as well, endlessly entertaining the girls. Everyone had fun. And when Andrew came home, he assembled the porch furniture, and we gussied it up a little with curtains and a lamp.

The girls love the new space. They like to bounce on the chairs and throw the pillows around. Lucia also likes to lounge around on the loveseat, “getting cozy” with her Bibi and favorite pillowcase so she can “have a relax.” “I’ll just get my Bibi and have a relax,” she says. I have no idea where she got this phrase, but Andrew and I have adopted it as well.  

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Nicole said...

I'm so glad to hear you have made progress on your home. It's so wonderful the girls are happy, too. Sounds like a fantastic weekend.

Best of luck!