Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer Recap: Annisquam (August)

One of our nicest trips this summer was to a beach cottage in Annisquam, MA, thanks to an invitation from a friend from Brooklyn. She, her two daughters, Lucia, Greta, and I spent a few days together at the beach house of a family member of hers, while Andrew and my friend's husband traveled for work.

I was nervous about the trip, mainly the drive up there, but Andrew and I worked it out so that the four of us spent the weekend before the trip in NH, and then I dropped Andrew off at the Manchester airport so he could fly to Mexico City for work; from there, I had only about an hour and a half drive to do on my own.

It was new for me, too, to be on my own with the girls in a new place--but we all had a great time. The beach was just a short walk from the house, and beautiful, with large rocks and tide pools and lots of treasures to hunt for. Lucia was in her glory, spending hours navigating the pools and collecting snails, shells, crab shells, claws, and seaweed. There was just one rainy day, which we spent at a nearby children's museum.

Andrew returned at the end of the week, flying into Boston and then taking a train to Rockport; it was just a short drive for me to pick him up, and he and the girls and I spent an extra night at the house after our friends left. It was a perfect final trip of the summer.

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