Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer Recap: New Hampshire (August)

Our summer days in New Hampshire disappeared far too quickly this year. We have more trips ahead this fall, but the warm, lazy days of May through August are over now. Still, we had such an amazing time.

One of the highlights of our August trip included picking blueberries at a pick-your-own farm. You picked, you weighed, you put your money in a little slot. The girls loved it. Lucia was an exceptional picker; she picked nearly two gallons of berries, and would have kept picking for who knows how long if we'd had unlimited need for blueberries. Greta was a good picker too, but Greta really, really loves blueberries, and, like Little Sal, barely any berries actually made it into her bucket. She was strolling through the bushes, picking and eating, picking and eating. I don't blame her: they were delicious berries.

Another really fun thing from August was the boat Andrew found in the second barn. It was an old plastic rowboat with a dime-size hole in the outer shell, and there was an oar in the barn, too. We couldn't resist: we had to try it. Worst case, it would sink, and we'd swim to shore. Andrew took it out first; then I went out; even Lucia joined us a couple of times to explore the cattails on the far side of the pond. Greta, on the other hand, was terrified of the boat, and even now--over a month later--her first comment upon seeing any boat is, "That boat sink?" The boat did not sink while we were in it, but it did take on water rapidly, so we had only a limited time to row out and back. Then Andrew would pull the boat out, turn it on its side so it could drain, and we'd take it out once more.

There was a lot of feeding of the pond fish in August; looking for tadpoles, frogs, and salamanders; swimming in our cousin's pool; picking wildflowers; throwing stones in the pond; picking berries; and swinging in the swing Andrew made and hung in the apple tree.

We spent far too little time there this summer. (Well, we went three times, and one of those times was for ten days, so it wasn't that bad). It will be so different when we go back at the end of September.

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