Friday, March 27, 2015

Lucia's Style

Lucia's been choosing her own outfit each morning for well over a year now, nearly two years, and lately her outfits have gotten particularly interesting. Her choices are always bold, and she cares little about matching in the traditional sense, but what's pushed her to new levels of inventiveness is her burning wish to wear her summer clothes. I got her a few new things recently at Target, and of course the temperature dropped back to winter levels, so her pretty new clothes have been sitting in her drawer, unworn. She finally just couldn't take it anymore. She cut all the tags off herself, and they're now part of the rotation.

This morning, she wore a white long-sleeve t-shirt with gold stars, tights with fox faces on the legs, rainbow biker shorts over the tights, and pink-and-silver striped leg warmers over the tights and shorts. Silver sequined shoes and a bouncy ponytail pushed the cuteness further.

After school, she immediately changed into a pink, purple, and teal striped ankle-length sundress, the fox tights, a cardigan sweater over the dress (at my insistence), the silver shoes, and various bold accessories: a blue headband, a dramatic amulet necklace, and multiple bead bracelets. It was really too adorable.

She's also apparently having a growth spurt and now hovers several inches over Greta, whereas just a couple of months ago they were nearly the same height. She's been eating like crazy, too. And oh, the funny things a five year old says. When I asked if she'd like leftover quiche for lunch today, she said, "Of COURSE I want quiche. A princess LOVES quiche."

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