Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

I love preschool for so many reasons, but I appreciate it particularly on St. Patrick's Day: the school did some fun things to mark the holiday, which is pretty much the only one of the year that doesn't get any notice whatsoever in our house. (Andrew brought home a six-pack of Guinness last night, as a gesture.) The girls both wore green today, and rainbow necklaces. The kids all had some Irish soda bread and green snacks. Lucia's teacher went all out with the festivities, and Lucia came home bursting with news about the mischievous leprechauns who left footprints in their classroom, made a mess, hid the lunches, left gold coins, and more. Lucia led Greta in some "leprechaun hunts" later tonight.

Greta was mostly concerned with whether she could wear pink again tomorrow. She was not happy at being forced to wear green.

Greta's transition to a bed has been going okay. She stays in bed at night, not running around, which is what I feared. She's been napping more or less as usual. Of course, today, I went downstairs for a minute after I put her down and found her door open when I got back upstairs. I found both girls in the bathroom, Greta on the potty, Lucia holding her pacifier so it wouldn't fall in. They were both mouse-quiet. In the morning, Greta gets up by herself and comes into our room (Lucia just calls us when she wakes up). So far, so good. She looks very cute and tiny in her bed, and says often how much she loves it.

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Sarah said...

Georgia refused to wear green to school even though they asked all the kids to. She said only pink.