Sunday, April 12, 2015


We journeyed to Connellsville for what turned out to be a fun and eventful holiday. The day before Easter, Andrew and Molly both ran the Connellsville half-marathon; we met them at the finish and celebrated at Valley Dairy. Andrew shocked everyone by ordering a club sandwich consisting of a burger sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Later that day, we celebrated Luca's third birthday with a cake Molly created, consisting of small cranes scooping crushed Oreos from the top of a chocolate cake, which was a huge hit all around.

On Easter morning, the kids came downstairs and found their Easter baskets, which was thrilling. (Lucia had claimed she was going to stay up all night, or at least get up really really early, but everyone slept until a very humane 7am.) Lucia and Greta each got a plush Rapunzel, tiny plush bunny, M&M necklace, butterfly headband, a small mini-golf Lego Friends set, and a Frozen Lego set (impossible to find except for the fact that one week at the culmination of our kitchen renovation I found myself at Target every day for five days--on one of those days, two Frozen sets had emerged. Pure luck, coupled with excessive Target shopping). They they went outside for an egg hunt. I hid over a hundred eggs, and all three kids were very focused and excited about finding them. "Eggs!!" Luca says in a video Molly took. "So many!!" Then they opened them up: chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, eraser animals, tiny flocked bears, rainbow hair elastics. All fun.

Molly and Luca headed home after that, but the rest of us went to church, where the girls were more or less calm and quiet. The day was beautiful, and they spent the afternoon riding their scooters up and down the sidewalk with their new Rapunzels.

It's always fun to have a Connellsville getaway. Andrew and I got in a Gabe's trip, too (and I snuck back for a second go-round with Molly and Mom). A few $1 sweaters, Lands End flats, some earrings, tank tops, garden gnomes, a pair of jeans, a couple of head wraps that Andrew despises, some nailpolishes. An eclectic and fun selection.

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