Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Letter to Lucia / Letter to Greta

Dear Girls,

Another catch-up letter, and I've lost track of how many months each of you are, and one of these months I'll do the counting and get back on track. But it's better to write than not write, and it's fun to write about you both right now because we're in a stellar period of cuteness and hilarity. Lucia, at 5 1/2 you're the reigning big sister, eager to "help" Greta whenever you can--even, sometimes, announcing you're going to be the one to help Greta get dressed in the morning. But Greta, you hold your own--you idolize Lucia and look up to her and strive to emulate her in every way; but you don't hesitate to stand your ground and assert yourself.

The big sister / little sister dynamic was on charming display this week, since you had your first swimming lesson together. Greta has been watching Lucia at her swimming lesson for the past three months, and finally you're in a class together. Lucia, you led Greta to the side of the pool, arm around her, guiding her to the place where she was supposed to sit; and you introduced her to your teacher. You made sure she followed all the directions during class. It was so very cute.

You're of one mind these days, lost in your own sister-world of My Little Ponies, princesses, and Legos. You play together tirelessly from the moment you wake up in the morning, breaking only for school and (reluctantly) for nap- and quiet time. Your play is exhaustive and inventive. You're thrilled that we can be outside finally, and even though our post-renovation backyard is a mudpit full of metal detritus, you love to play there. I'm so excited that by the end of May our backyard is going to be a place of childhood wonder--we're moving forward with some big backyard work, including a patio, new leveled lawn, paved driveway, and a large, fantastic playset. You girls are going to love it.

Greta, we had you evaluated again today to see if we needed to start up with speech therapy today, and you passed handily--no therapy required right now. You sat calmly and cooperatively during the hour-long test, cheerily pointing to pictures and naming images. One of the mistakes you made was actually very cute: prompted with an image of a telescope, you called it an "I spy." Too cute.

It's fun right now. Five and three.

Favorite books: multiple books from Disney Wonderful World of Reading, fairytales from my vintage fairytale book (especially Hansel and Gretel and Jack and the Beanstalk), Moon Rabbit, Ladybug Girl, Where the Wild Things Are, Three Little Pigs

Favorite toys/activities: Legos, My Little Ponies, and princesses. That's it. They've taken over. Greta is rarely without her Princess Celestia, and Lucia brought four ponies in when it was her turn for "Share Chair" at school. Also, of course, riding scooters and playing outside.

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