Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Brooklyn Sunday

Today we took Lucia on a nice afternoon walk. First, we went to a shop and bought her a new pair of shoes. Her cute little sneakers with the silver stripes—her first “real” shoes—are now too small, so we got her a pair of cute purple sneakers that cost more than most of the shoes in my closet. But they are high-quality Japanese sneakers that I trust will not hurt the growth of her feet and will enable her to traipse all over Brooklyn this spring. One of the best parts of buying new baby shoes is getting the baby shoebox. Worth the price right there.

Our shopping trip successful, we headed to the Brooklyn Lyceum—a multipurpose performance space—for the Brooklyn Mutt Show. Dog-owning friends of ours who know about Lucia’s mania for dogs alerted us to it, so we decided to check it out. It was a huge hit. Dogs were everywhere—small, big, dressed up. Lucia scrambled out of our arms and just took off, running up to dogs and barking, squealing, waving, blowing kisses, even (once the dog’s child-friendliness was confirmed) kissing and petting the dogs. She was in her glory. Perhaps too much so, as she began getting more and more wound up with her barking and screeching and was getting hard to keep up with. She loves, loves, loves animals. I’m really excited about taking her to a petting zoo this summer.

And now Andrew is cooking up a recipe we found in today’s Sunday Times Magazine. I did a manic cleanup of the house; did laundry; folded clothes; tried to get back to zero for the week. It’s hard to do that when the house reaches a critical mass of chaos. I’m pretty good at letting clutter and mess roll off my back—what else can you do with a toddler?—but at a certain point I look around, feel my blood pressure rise, and realize I can’t stand the mess another second. Things look better now.

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